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Structure of the course of studies

The course of studies Logistics Engineering & Management is tailored to meet the  fast changing requirements of logistics with respect to technologies , data processing and organisation.

The curriculum of the course of studies consists of:

- of natural sciences and technologies
- of business related subjects
- of applied computer science, law, management of dangerous goods and
   foreign languages

Data processing and communication are treated as interdisciplinary fields of all areas and are integrated in the respective special areas .

A student passes through a  very widespread  course of studies with many integrated practice related parts.

The students will be able to act in concert with experts form various branches to cooperate and develop collective solutions.

The master course of studies has a duration of  4 semesters with a total amount of 16 modules. Generally one modules consists of 4 hour per week per semester (SWS) and is credited with 6 credit points (ECTS). Each semester is amounts to 30 credit points. The overall number of credit points of the Master course of studies is 120.Seitenanfang



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