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Professors of the Course of Study Transport Engineering/ Logistics

Professoren TWL
Staff in 2007
From left to right:
E.-J. Ribbert, J. Piontek, W. Czuchra, W. Fedderwitz, T. Wieske, D. Heimann,
W. Schwanebeck, E. Voges, F. Wesselmann, H.-J. Scheibe, D. Uhlich, C. Dorn

Office and telephone number

Programming Languages/Computer Languages, Software Engineering, Operations Research, Data Processing Systems in the Transport Industries
Z 4020
(0471) 4823-483

Technical Mechanics, Container and Transhipment Technology, Land Transport Systems, Optimization of Transport and Handling Systems
S 5.20
(0471) 4823-482

System Analysis, Simulation, Data Bases
Z 4220
(0471) 4823-484

Packaging Technology, Commodity Science , Cargo Care and Transport Stresses, Waste Avoidance and Utilisation
Z 3060
(0471) 4823-461

Prof. Dr. / Dipl.-Kaufm. J. Piontek
Economics, Main Focus: Distribution
S 5.22
(0471) 4823-522

Production Logistics, Transport technology, Technical Mechanics
S 5.26
(0471) 4823-521

Transport of Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Materials, Chemistry

Z 3200
(0471) 4823-469

Warehousing Technology, Warehouse Organisation and Stock Optimisation, Laboratories of CAD-training, Control Engineering, Warehouse Management

Introduction to Law, Commercial Law, Transportation and Insurace Law, International Law, Legal Problems of Logistics Projects
S 5.31
(0471) 4823-523

Pfeil To the former Professors of the Course of Study TW/TWL

An dem Lehrbetrieb beteiligen sich außerdem zahlreiche Spezialisten der Industrie und Wissenschaft aus Bremerhaven und Bremerhavens Umland.




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